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Roman Army Bread

Posted 25 January 2011 by
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I love making bread. Cooking is kind of like alchemy, and bread-making is food alchemy at its most basic. Turning flour and water into nourishing, sustaining food. It’s one of the oldest known prepared foods (thanks Wikipedia…) and apparently our ancestors were eating bread up to 30,000 years ago; albeit made from different plant starches. They were eating bread in the British Isles long before potatoes. Of course, bread wasn’t always as we know it and in the Bronze Age, bread made from spelt flour was common. Spelt is a type of wheat flour; it tastes slightly different and has more micronutrients than normal wheat flour. It may also be slightly easier to digest. This recipe for Roman Army Bread comes from the back of my Doves Farm spelt flour packet. I’m not sure it was passed down from genuine Roman soldiers, but with honey and olive oil, it’s playing the part!

A loaf of spelt bread on a bread board.

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