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Mushroom Tart (Hugh F-W)

Posted 28 October 2012 by
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This is a nice recipe from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s River Cottage Every Day for a simple puff pastry mixed mushroom tart. Ideally (according to Hugh anyway) the mushrooms should have been freshly hand-plucked from the countryside immediately prior to making the tart. I found an ordinary tub of button mushrooms did pretty well. I  imagine a mixture of wild mushrooms would look very effective.

Divided into three, the tart formed part of a simple, light supper. You could also serve it as a starter, or increase the quantities for a more substantial main course. It’s simple and quick to make, especially if you already have the puff pastry, either homemade or out of a packet. Apologies for the poor quality of photos, I’ll have to do another one some time to take some better ones!

Mushroom puff pastry tart

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Mushroom and Parmesan Risotto

Posted 30 November 2010 by
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Really, this should be Risotto ai funghi e prezzemolo, but the prezzemolo means parsley, and this ain’t got none. This is a Jamie Oliver recipe, from Jamie’s Italy, and it’s fab. I’ve made it four or five times now, it may even become my “signature dish” as it were. Maybe. It’s takes a little bit of time. I did read that risotto is actually supposed to be a quick and easy  dinner for busy Italian mamas to cook up for their bambinos. I’ve not really got the quick and easy bit down, but it’s well worth the time and effort.

Mushroom and parmesan risotto

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