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Chocolate Button Brownies

Posted 7 December 2010 by
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This weekend I attended a 2nd birthday party and a christening. While I had every confidence in the parents of both little ones to amply cater for their guests, I was staying the night with the christening guys, so I thought it’d be nice to take some baked goods. I’ve wanted to try some palmiers for a while, but wasn’t sure how they’d turn out, so I needed a crowd-pleaser too.

These brownies are partly the result of what may become a quest to find the perfect brownie. They’re also the result of being stuck late on a freezing cold, snowy day, at the wrong end of town, with the only option for buying ingredients being the kind of supermarket that smells of BO at the till area, and where they look at you funny if you produce your own bag. Seriously, I don’t know why mums go there. No 70%-cocoa-solids dark chocolate, only Bourneville. No chocolate chips, only chocolate buttons. And then, I finally arrived home to find that there was no butter. Only — gasp! — margarine

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