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Multigrain Quark Bread

Posted 2 December 2012 by
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This recipe for multigrain bread is made with quark, a curd cheese popular in Germany. The addition of the quark to the bread dough gives a loaf that is quite moist, with a subtle tangy flavour. I used malted flake (granary) flour, and added wheat bran and pearl barley for an extra dimension of texture.

A loaf of multigran quark bread.

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A Granary Loaf by Any Other Name…

Posted 17 December 2010 by
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I learned something new today. I learned that “granary” is not a type of flour; “granary” is a trade name owned by Hovis. Who’d have thought? Granary flour is made with malted wheat flakes. Granary bread has a lovely nutty flavour, and a denser texture than white bread, but lighter than wholewheat. This recipe uses roughly 2/3 white flour and 1/3 malted wheat flour, making an even lighter loaf, but with the more interesting texture and flavour of a granary loaf. Closeup of loaf made with white and malted wheat flour. Continue reading “A Granary Loaf by Any Other Name…”…