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Buttermilk Pound Loaf

Posted 10 May 2013 by
Tagged As: , , , | Categories: Baking, Recipes, Treats | 2 Comments

Just as soon as the sunny weather arrives, it’s cruelly snatched away from us again. It’s a rainy day in May, and what better to lift the spirits on a damp afternoon than a spot of baking? This is another recipe from the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook, which I’ve some good successes with so far. This one is for buttermilk pound loaf and, because the recipe said I could, I’ve added some dark chocolate chips.

Buttermilk pound loaf with chocolate chips

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Buttermilk Country Bread

Posted 6 December 2010 by
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Last week I made butter, and the by-product of that was buttermilk. I kept the buttermilk and decided to use it to make bread. I couldn’t find a recipe with the right amount of buttermilk, so I pretty much made this up. I also added a bit of maple syrup that I had left over from the pumpkin pie. As it was already late in the day when I started this, I left the dough to ferment overnight, which makes it much more flavourful.

The crust of a loaf of white buttermilk country bread

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