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Nutella Swirl Brownies

Posted 27 May 2013 by
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I made these nutella swirl brownies to take to the end-of-year “party” to celebrate completing a course I’m doing. (When I say “party” — of course I mean a portfolio discussion helped along by Pringles, brownies and orange Matchmakers). The brownies were a hit, especially with my tutor, and were hopefully enough of a bribe to ensure that I pass.

Nutella swirled brownie batter

That day was a bit of a rush, so I needed something quick and easy, brownies being the obvious choice that sprung to mind. Nutella* seems such a natural addition to brownies, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t tried it before. Oh but wait, I have… This time, I wasn’t going for a nutty brownie, I just wanted the nutella to add an extra bit of yumminess, which it did. These are seriously good.

Nutella swirl brownies

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The Baked Brownie

Posted 18 April 2013 by
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This recipe for chocolate brownies comes from the Baked: New Frontiers in Baking recipe book by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito. The Baked brownies are somewhat of an Internet Sensation and they are… well they’re pretty amazing. They’re chocolatey, rich, dark and fudgy. Not for the cake-y brownie enthusiast, and not for people who don’t like their chocolate really dark. Possibly not ideal for kids, although I witnessed one big brownie being happily devoured by a 5 year old. Oprah is a big fan, apparently, and who can blame her? I would definitely use this as a “go to” brownie recipe, depending on who I was making them for.

A chocolate brownie on a plate

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Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Brownies

Posted 23 January 2011 by
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These dark chocolate hazelnut brownies have a hint of treacle in the background, and extra nuttiness from a little added nutella. I usually prefer my brownies without nuts, but these are lovely. They are definitely more fudgey than cakey, for those that care about that sort of thing, and the nuts give a nice crunch.

A pink plate with three dark chocolate hazelnut brownies on.

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Chocolate Brownies with Dulce de Leche and Maya Gold Chocolate

Posted 14 December 2010 by
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Dulce de leche chocolate brownies are somewhat of a departure from the classic chocolate brownie, and a decadent one at that. Dulce de leche is not something well known in the UK, at least not under that name, although it is slowly gaining popularity. It is a “milk caramel”, popular in the US and Latin America, and is similar to the French confiture de lait. Although it’s not a household word here, if you’ve ever boiled up a tin of sweetened condensed milk to get caramel, you’ve pretty much made dulce de leche.

Jar of dulce de leche

It is gradually creeping onto British menus, and when I caught sight of a jar in my local gourmet (ish) supermarket, I made a quick impulse-buy. I then had to quickly find a recipe to use it up, as the temptation to just eat it out of the jar is fairly high! This recipe for dulce de leche brownies came from David Lebovitz.

Dulce de leche chocolate brownies.

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Chocolate Button Brownies

Posted 7 December 2010 by
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This weekend I attended a 2nd birthday party and a christening. While I had every confidence in the parents of both little ones to amply cater for their guests, I was staying the night with the christening guys, so I thought it’d be nice to take some baked goods. I’ve wanted to try some palmiers for a while, but wasn’t sure how they’d turn out, so I needed a crowd-pleaser too.

These brownies are partly the result of what may become a quest to find the perfect brownie. They’re also the result of being stuck late on a freezing cold, snowy day, at the wrong end of town, with the only option for buying ingredients being the kind of supermarket that smells of BO at the till area, and where they look at you funny if you produce your own bag. Seriously, I don’t know why mums go there. No 70%-cocoa-solids dark chocolate, only Bourneville. No chocolate chips, only chocolate buttons. And then, I finally arrived home to find that there was no butter. Only — gasp! — margarine

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Sticky Chocolate Brownies

Posted 27 November 2010 by
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Mmmmm…. brownies. Is there better way to satisfy a chocolate craving? If so, I’d like to hear it! This recipe comes from a book of chocolate recipes called Chocolate (imaginative, no?) published by Parragon. The book has two brownie recipes: one for “Sticky Chocolate Brownies” and one for “Chocolate Fudge Brownies”. The fudge brownies had icing on top, which I don’t really approve of, so I went for the “sticky” ones.

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