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Joconde Imprime Entremet (Daring Bakers)

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A little while ago, I joined the Daring Bakers, and January marked my first Daring Bakers challenge. It turned out to be one of the best things I’ve ever made.

Completed joconde imprime cake with brown and white sponge, topped with Chantilly cream

The January 2011 Daring Bakers’ challenge was hosted by Astheroshe of the blog accro. She chose to challenge everyone to make a Biscuit Joconde Imprime to wrap around an Entremets dessert.

If you’ve never heard of some of the words in the paragraph above, you’re not alone. When I first read the instructions for this challenge I was intimidated to say the least. The biscuit joconde imprime is a fancy French sponge made from two separate parts that  make a design that’s visible on the outside of the finished cake. the sponge, which forms only the outer layer of the cake, is filled with the ”entremet”. If this doesn’t make much sense, hopefully the pictures will enlighten! The challenge provided a recipe for the joconde imprime, but we had to make the entremet up ourselves. I decided on a chocolate hazelnut brownie base, with chocolate nutella cream, topped with chai tea flavoured Chantilly cream. I had no idea if this would work, but it did!

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Butternut Squash, Leek and Blue Cheese Risotto

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Here’s a recipe for butternut squash, leek and blue cheese risotto that will surely warm the cockles on a cold winter’s evening. Nigel Slater has a recipe for pancetta and blue cheese risotto that I made once; it was really tasty but unfortunately so salty that I could only eat a couple of mouthfuls at a time. Here, the butternut squash and leek flavours are both mild and sweet and complement the blue cheese brilliantly. I used Stilton but you could use any blue cheese. Gorgonzola would make it a little more authentically Italian! A squeeze of lemon juice at the end finishes it off nicely.

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