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Chocolate Alternative Christmas Pudding

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Christmas pudding is one of the iconic dishes for Christmas dinner, but lots of people aren’t that keen. Obviously, there are countless alternative dessert out there, and many people would prefer a lighter option. However, if you’re looking for something that’s as dense and rich as traditional Christmas pudding, just without all the dried fruit, this chocolate alternative Christmas pudding might be just the thing. It really is rich, (you only need a small portion at a time, and it might be worth saving it for a few hours after the turkey has been eaten) and has the kind of intense chocolatey decadence that’s only right for Christmas.

Chocolate alternative Christmas pudding, cooked and cut to serve.

This recipe is adapted from one by Safeway (remember them?) and BBC GoodFood and is a microwave recipe. You can do it in a conventional oven though, details below. The pudding contains breadcrumbs, cocoa and lots and lots of chocolate. It’s also very quick & easy to whip up while you’re waiting for the turkey to digest, especially if you prepare a few bits the day before.

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5 Essential Dishes for Christmas Dinner

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Well, Christmas Day is upon us, and it’s a white Christmas here. The presents have been opened, and the turkey eaten. This guy turned up on our doorstep this morning and narrowly avoided getting in on the Christmas dinner action:

A pheasant in the snow.

A Christmas pheasant

Across the nation, people are snoring in front of Poirot. I thought I’d share what I consider some of the essential dishes for Christmas dinner. It has been said that Christmas dinner is nothing more than a jumped up Sunday roast. These dishes can elevate the humble roast to something special. I’m not going to mention the obvious; let’s assume there’s some kind of poultry, roast potatoes and veggies. These are just the Christmas essentials.

Baubles, tinsel and Christmas lights on a Christmas tree

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