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Chocolate Brownies with Dulce de Leche and Maya Gold Chocolate

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Dulce de leche chocolate brownies are somewhat of a departure from the classic chocolate brownie, and a decadent one at that. Dulce de leche is not something well known in the UK, at least not under that name, although it is slowly gaining popularity. It is a “milk caramel”, popular in the US and Latin America, and is similar to the French confiture de lait. Although it’s not a household word here, if you’ve ever boiled up a tin of sweetened condensed milk to get caramel, you’ve pretty much made dulce de leche.

Jar of dulce de leche

It is gradually creeping onto British menus, and when I caught sight of a jar in my local gourmet (ish) supermarket, I made a quick impulse-buy. I then had to quickly find a recipe to use it up, as the temptation to just eat it out of the jar is fairly high! This recipe for dulce de leche brownies came from David Lebovitz.

Dulce de leche chocolate brownies.

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