Fingerless Sock-Mittens

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Brrr… it’s freezing. Winter has arrived. It’s a fact, I have too many socks. I love socks. I also love fingerless gloves / mittens, so I decided to repurpose one of my oldest pairs of stripey socks into fingerless mittens.

So, yeah. I have a ton of socks, and some of them are getting distinctly ropey.  Holes are bad enough — I hate that feeling when your toe starts poking through — but when half your foot starts poking through, that’s not a good sign.


I saw this post on fingerless sock-mittens at leethal, and it looked insanely easy. It was time to sacrifice my holey black-and-whites.

Ok, so that was easy. That’s the main body of the mitten, now it just needs a thumb-hole. I decided to have the elasticated top of the sock be the bottom of the mitten, so they should stay up properly.

A little snip for the thumb-hole

This is supposed to be  a “no-sew” situation, but I’m not convinced that these would stay as they are and not unravel, so I decided to sew around the cut edges. I really had no idea how to sew around the thumb-holes using a machine, so I did those by hand. I thought that the gloves looked a bit baggy (due of course to my legs being bigger than my arms!), so I tightened them up with a quick-and-dirty cut’n’sew. I really have no idea what I’m doing with a sewing machine, but it worked out ok.

And there they are, the finished product. I love them! I will definitely be chopping up some more threadbare socks.


Chickens want fingerless sock-mittens too.

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